MGB Owner Mark Ellis is offering a 10% discount to MG Car Club members for Car storage.

Below is a summary of what we include in our storage plan.

Vehicle check on arrival
Hand wash and dry
Breathable car cover
CTEK battery conditioning
Drip tray under vehicle for monitoring any leaks Weekly inspection
Fortnightly start up and movement Humidity and temperature controlled
building Courtesy collection/drop off service to our local station.
Secure location and facilities

Transportation is available for delivery and collection as well as a
courtesy pick up and collection from our local train station. Access to you
car is also available at short notice 7 days a week all year.

We also have a great network of Classic specialist and can assist with any
servicing, restoration or maintenance that customers might be interested in
undertaking while the car is in storage with us. We also have an on site MOT
station so we can get this done for customers as well if required without
the car having to go off site.

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