Lost and Found

We have a Lost & Found item which is published in the eNewsletter on a monthly basis.

If you can help with any of the requests below or if you need help finding your long lost MGB.

Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar registrar@mgb-register.org

Our latest requests


And can anyone help Rhodri find his former car?     I’m hoping you may be able to help me! I’m trying to find an MGB GT that I used to own, XDV 717S. My biggest mistake was selling it years ago to a “private” seller (who turned out to be a trader picking out […]


Does anyone know some history of Ellie’s car?     ‘Would you mind putting a call out in the lost and found for me? It’s for my new B, a mineral blue 1967 GT, AKX 24E. I bought this car from a chap down near Bath who I think had owned it for some time, […]

MGB GT’s: TRA 739F and MWD 754E MGB Roadster: JUG 487E

Eric is an active MGB owner and club member. He is interested to know if the cars he has owned in the past are still around. He thinks TRA 739F may be on the Isle of Man. If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar

MGB Jubilee GT:  KRY 826P

  David owned this car in the late 1980’s through to 1991 and would love to know if it is still around. It is listed by the DVLA and a Register member but we have lost touch with the owner. If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar


This car is a very early MGB Register Member – Number 30.Charles and his father are trying to trace this car which belonged to Charles’s grandfather. They think he registered it with the club in the very early days of the MGB Register. Unfortunately we have no contact details for the current owner. It is […]


Can anyone help Harry find some history on his car?  ‘My car is a 1977, spent 19 years in the USA, before being first registered in the UK, on the 19/02/1996, I acquired the vehicle on the 20/07/2017, The car has currently got 6,500 miles,I’m trying to find out if this is the original mileage, […]


Can you help Paul make his 50th Wedding Anniversary even more special?Help needed to trace MGB Roadster OJH 330H: I bought this car new and kept it for three years and put 33,000 miles on it. I drove this car with my new wife away from our wedding reception and next year is our 50th […]


And can anyone help Mark who is trying to trace his father’s former car?I’m hoping you can help. I’m trying to trace my Dad’s old MGB Roadster. Would you be able to see if this registration is on your database please. It’s British Racing Green UHM 293F thank you