The MG Car Club is committed to following the latest UK Government advice on events and public gatherings.

General Advice

The latest advice from the government now states that non-essential travel in England (but not Scotland or Wales) is now allowed. Non key workers are now permitted to drive as far as we feel necessary for work and for exercise.

However, public gatherings of more than two people are not allowed and there are heavy penalties in place for those that ignore the rules.

At the current time, the MGCC strongly advises all centres and registers to continue to cancel all activities outdoors and refrain from road runs, convoys or any other meet ups in groups until July at the earliest provisional date.

Please do NOT drive in groups or convoys – the UK Government states clearly that we must not meet more than one other person from outside our household. It is important that large groups of classic car owners do not gather in parks, or places of natural beauty. By all means, use your classic MG individually, to drive to the shops or go out for exercise, but only individually.

Please remember, as a club, we are all ambassadors for the classic car scene as a whole.

Furthermore, Motorsport UK have suspended all permits in the UK until July so, any convoy or road run with a pre-determined route or start/end point would be considered illegal and will not be insured.

At this moment in time, we feel it strikes very much the wrong tone with the public to parade classic cars through the streets and country lanes when many people are still in lockdown within their homes or experiencing hardship or the loss of loved ones. The time will come, soon we hope, but it is not yet.

The latest advice, issued 13th May 2020, urges common sense around taking any car out for leisure drives. It’s vitally important that MG Car Club members drive with caution, as lockdown measures could very quickly return following a second spike if guidelines are not followed.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have not yet changed their advice of ‘Stay Home’, but residents of England have been told to simply ‘Stay Alert’.

Please visit the link below for the latest information.