MGB Roadster GHO 874S

This lovely old ‘B’ is still on the road, do any readers know of it?

I’m trying to find my late father’s MGB that he owned back in the mid to late 90s. I was only 5 or 6 years old and I was in love with the car as soon as he brought it back home. I used to spend every minute after school sat in it and go to work with him on a Saturday in it too. 

He sold the car while I was at school so as not to upset me seeing it go. This didn’t work, I was heartbroken. 

It was sold in the 90s from our family home in Dronfield, Derbyshire.


If you could help me I would be forever thankful,  Ashley

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar

MGB LE Roadster A19 MGB

Member Nigel has already traced one former owner. He is keen to trace as much as he can of the history:

I’m now the proud owner of this MGB LE. The car was built in 1980 but wasn’t registered until 1985. I have some history of the car but I’m looking to fill the history folder.
I understand that the car gained its unique number plate around 1993 prior to that it was C889 RPG.
I’m keen to know where it was until it was registered for the road. If anyone has any information or photo’s they are willing to share with me please do make contact.
Many thanks

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar

MGB GT’s: FHD 632L and LFD 7L

Member Keith owns an MGB GT V8, he is trying to trace two B GT’s that he used to own:

FDH 632L. I owned this car from July 1975 to July 1977. It was first registered as JUD 360L but wore my cherished registration number KDB 27 during my ownership. On selling I retained KDB 27 and the car was issued with FDH 632L. As you can see from the pictures I obtained a set of specially made GKN Gemini alloys. It also sported some Cibie Spots. I worked for a company that made screenwash pumps and during this time we investigated making rear screenwash kits for various cars. My car was fitted with a rear wiper from an SD1 which crucially wiped the top right of the rear screen (to see over takers) and parked horizontally. It looked much better than those kits that were fitted centrally.

The car LFD 7L I ordered new in October of 72. With some discount I think it cost £1,474. It was delivered around 12th March 1973. Typical of the time you had to specify first and second choices.  I ordered Damask, with wires and window tints. It came in second choice Teal, no wires, with a servo but with tints. The car was immediately fitted with a set of specially made GKN Gemini alloys.  Hey ho, these were the top selling times for the BGT. I only owned it for few months and sold it to get the deposit for a house and to get married.

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar


Roger is looking for his former GT which he restored in the 70s/80s:

A little insight to my ownership: I purchased the car as an MoT failure. The owner lived in the village of Inkberrow and it was in a very sad state!
The usual areas needed attention: sills and body along with running gear and top end engine overhaul.  The car was in a silver/goldish period standard colour.

After many months working on the car, with much help especially from the Club team and John Hill from Redditch, the motor with my personal “touch” was ready for the road. Snowberry White with soft brown carpets and Cobra sports seats, webasto sunroof and external decals from America all of which I think made the motor quite distinctive and stand out. 
Sadly the MGB had to make way for a larger motor due to a growing family, it was taken in part exchange against a new motor supplied by the famous motorcycle racer Percy Tait. Percy had a local garage franchise for cars and bikes in Alcester. Sadly for me the car looked brilliant in his showroom under the spotlights.

I have tried the usual searches. Perhaps it’s a long shot but fingers crossed it may be sat somewhere in a field a shed or a garage, perhaps in one piece. The current owner may be interested in making contact. I have quite a lot of photos which he or her  may  like to view share over a pint or two!
 Now in my retirement I have rejoined the MG Car Club. I’ve found a very tidy MGB GT LE and  look forward to many hours working on her in my ‘man shed’.

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar

MGB Roadster: DRH 532C

Pete is trying to trace this car on behalf of a customer of his local garage. This car is on our Register but we have not been able to trace the current owner.
Hello Andrew,
Recently I was at our local “classic friendly” garage picking up my MGA after an MOT, chatting to the proprietor Dave he asked me if the club would know whether an MGB was still in anyone’s ownership, apparently it is shown as SORN but without MOT on the DVLA website.
The car in question a red roadster DRH532C was bought new by one of Dave’s customers, to quote him “he bought it new in 1965 when he was 20 after he sold it stayed a local car but he hasn’t seen it for a few years”.
I wondered if putting it in “Lost and Found” might bring forth some information.
Regards Pete

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar


‘I’m trying to track down a GT which was owned by my friend Chris until about 1997. 
It’s still taxed and MOT’d, so is still around.  This picture is of the car about 25 years ago. I wonder if it’s in the register and if you can tell me where it is located and any contact details for the current owner.

Thanks in advance for your help.

MGB Roadster: WRA 768L

I’m trying to locate my old MGB roadster that I owned in the 1980s. I bought and ran him for a while before my husband renovated him for me. The car was very special to me, but as with all things finances grew tight and I had to sell it. It was a Damask red ( originally I think it was a bright red colour but I had him resprayed) The registration number is WRA768 L and I sold him in the South Yorkshire area.
I would love to buy him back as my husband is sadly disabled and is not able to do another for me and the old car had really special memories.
I hope you can help me locate and possibly buy the car back. I know it’s a long shot, but you never know.

Thanking you in anticipation

MGB Roadster: FPM 599C

Hi, I have been looking for my first car a MK1 1965 MGB Roadster. I rebuilt the car from a wreck at the age of 17 having paid £300 for it. In 1988 I moved to Pembrokeshire and sold the MGB shortly after to get married and put down a deposit on my first house. I sold it to someone I believe in the Midlands and as far as I can understand the car is still owned by the same person. I also understand the car is now Iris Blue. I would love to see the car again and if possible maybe buy it back. I have fond memories of the little B and wonder if the car is known to you and you could pass on my details.

Kind regards, Derek


Julie would like to trace the current owner of this car which she sold in 1986.

‘Hello Andrew, I used to own this car, a Harvest gold MG BGT VNO 293L. I understand it is now green. I have some original documents and would like to trace the owner, can you help?’ Julie, Suffolk, UK

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar


Does anyone know some history of Ellie’s car?



‘Would you mind putting a call out in the lost and found for me? It’s for my new B, a mineral blue 1967 GT, AKX 24E. I bought this car from a chap down near Bath who I think had owned it for some time, but from the paperwork I have it seems to have led quite an interesting life up and down the country prior to his ownership!

The paperwork indicates that it may have been owned by someone who lived or worked in the Bromsgrove and Aylesbury areas. If anyone has any info on the car, I’d love for them to get in touch.’


If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar