MGBs: VMF 735M, WRB 821S, TWL 467K and BEA 964T

I’m wondering if you happen to have any information about MGB Roadster VMF 735M. My father had this car in the 1970s and I’m wondering if it may have survived.

Additionally, I am currently doing a rebuild on Roadster WRB 821S. I’ve managed to track down one previous owner but I’m wondering if you have any details about the car?


Thanks in advance, Ed

Ed has also retained some details of two other MGBs which he’s owned in the past so it would be interesting to hear from anyone who knows of these: TWL 467K and BEA 964T.

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar

MGB Roadster: BUE 100B

I was hoping you may be able to help me find my grandfather’s 1964 MGB in the photo above. We spent many years working on this together but sadly it was sold when he passed away.

The last information I had was that it was in Stoke sub Hamdon in Somerset. Ideally I would like to buy it back but would be happy to know where it is and if it has been restored.

Thanks, Lee

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar

MGB Roadster: EWB 36

Angus is trying to trace his former car EWB 36. No sign of it on the MGB Register or DVLA website.
Nonetheless, if you know of it please get in touch.

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar

MGB Roadster: ALD 527H

Hi, I sold my old MGB roadster about 10 years ago and wondered what may have happened to it now.
I had it for nearly 30 years and fully restored it to prize winning condition, I have lots of pictures of the
car and the photos of the restoration that may be of interest to the new owner. I would love to know
how they are getting on with the car.
The reg is ALD527H and it is a British racing green roadster.
Your help would be much appreciated.

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar


‘I’m trying to track down a GT which was owned by my friend Chris until about 1997. 
It’s still taxed and MOT’d, so is still around.  This picture is of the car about 25 years ago. I wonder if it’s in the register and if you can tell me where it is located and any contact details for the current owner.

Thanks in advance for your help.

MGB Roadster: WRA 768L

I’m trying to locate my old MGB roadster that I owned in the 1980s. I bought and ran him for a while before my husband renovated him for me. The car was very special to me, but as with all things finances grew tight and I had to sell it. It was a Damask red ( originally I think it was a bright red colour but I had him resprayed) The registration number is WRA768 L and I sold him in the South Yorkshire area.
I would love to buy him back as my husband is sadly disabled and is not able to do another for me and the old car had really special memories.
I hope you can help me locate and possibly buy the car back. I know it’s a long shot, but you never know.

Thanking you in anticipation

MGB Roadster: FPM 599C

Hi, I have been looking for my first car a MK1 1965 MGB Roadster. I rebuilt the car from a wreck at the age of 17 having paid £300 for it. In 1988 I moved to Pembrokeshire and sold the MGB shortly after to get married and put down a deposit on my first house. I sold it to someone I believe in the Midlands and as far as I can understand the car is still owned by the same person. I also understand the car is now Iris Blue. I would love to see the car again and if possible maybe buy it back. I have fond memories of the little B and wonder if the car is known to you and you could pass on my details.

Kind regards, Derek


Julie would like to trace the current owner of this car which she sold in 1986.

‘Hello Andrew, I used to own this car, a Harvest gold MG BGT VNO 293L. I understand it is now green. I have some original documents and would like to trace the owner, can you help?’ Julie, Suffolk, UK

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar


Does anyone know some history of Ellie’s car?



‘Would you mind putting a call out in the lost and found for me? It’s for my new B, a mineral blue 1967 GT, AKX 24E. I bought this car from a chap down near Bath who I think had owned it for some time, but from the paperwork I have it seems to have led quite an interesting life up and down the country prior to his ownership!

The paperwork indicates that it may have been owned by someone who lived or worked in the Bromsgrove and Aylesbury areas. If anyone has any info on the car, I’d love for them to get in touch.’


If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar