Safety Fast January 2020



And a Happy MGing New Year to you all.
Andrew Vigor, Registrar, is interested that all your car details are correct on the Register Database. If you would care to check, or to add your car, go to Cars do get sold or moved on, or added even.
This is a quick reminder. April 5, The MGB Register Spring Run is starting at Millett’s Farm, Abingdon and, eventually, going to Stowe, outside Buckingham. You can always go in your other MG if you wish!
MGB with Royal Connection
I first joined the MGCC in 1978 after I bought my MGA Mk11 Roadster which I still own.
The MGB GT was always my next choice as, living in sunny Manchester, a GT would be a sensible alternative, not to mention the obvious room in them for touring.
In 2012 I decided to take the plunge. I wanted a chrome-bumpered GT as near as possible to original. I wanted an all numbers matching car without the aftermarket extras. I put a wanted ad in Safety Fast! but no replies. After a second attempt, another Natter and Noggin member from the North West Centre phoned me. He wanted to sell his.
Along I went and drove it and checked it over. After the Christmas break the car was mine – along with some history and a new Heritage Certificate. I proceeded to put in a period five button Motorola and renew the servo. It still has its original registration number.
Being very curious I wrote to the DVLA to ask for any history they might have. After the statuary four weeks a very large and thick envelope arrived. It looked like the deeds to a house, there was so much paperwork. (Pre D.P.)

The car was first registered to Lady Juliet Townsend (supplied by University Motors). Lady Townsend was Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Margaret. Lady Townsend drove the car to Buckingham, Kensington Palace, Clarence House, etc. She kept the MG for seven years. She lived in Eaton Square. (Google her name for her full life story and what her connection was to the Royal Family.)
After declaring to her family she had decided to sell it, her cousin objected and so she bought the MG from her, so remaining in Belgravia for a further seven years.
After that the B remained in the Ascot area for several more years. It then moved to
Gloucestershire. It has had (only) eight owners. It is now residing in North Cheshire.
Alas, I do not have a mechanical history. I have been to Southern Ireland and several journeys in the North West. I must check if it has been converted to unleaded fuel…
It brings a lovely smile to the North West Centre members, who joke with me saying I have a royal MG!
Barry Brownleader