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Safety Fast December 2019



Unfortunately, we have some sad news to start this month’s notes. Our MGB Register committee member Robin Cloke has passed away; a full obituary is on the SF! News Page.
It is not often that one’s home town hits the national news, but the reason mine has is why my MGB is tucked up in the garage and has been since September. Camborne had rain on every day bar two in October and it has hardly let up since. Included in this muddy misery has been the wind which produced peak gusts locally of 113 mph! Needless to say, my main concern has been my yard drains and keeping water out of the garage.
Enough of this! Looking for a Christmas present? Why not suggest an MGB Register Jacket for the winter or a Polo for the summer. We also now have a range of Women’s clothes – visit our new MGB eShop.
Let’s look forward to Christmas and a bright New Year of activities with your MG. Presumably the 2020 Women’s Institute Calendar is already nailed to the kitchen wall (under the remnants of the 2019 edition) and rapidly filling with important dates and appointments so, to help you stake a claim or two, here are some
suggestions you sneakily might insert.
February 9 at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.
You could go to the International MG and Triumph Spares Day where the MGB Register will have a stand; come and say hello.
April 5 The MGB Register Spring Run
is starting at Millett’s Farm, Abingdon and,eventually, going to Stowe, outside Buckingham.
I used to live right next to Stowe and it is a stunning place to visit, if you have never been.
September 18-21 The MGB Register Weekend
this year goes to Scotland. It will be based at the Barony Castle Hotel. This already has more than 15 places booked, so if you wish to do this trip you need to act soon and get a place booked.
All details for all the events, together with downloadable entry-booking forms, are on the MGB Register website at
Have a peaceful Christmas. Ho Ho
Ho………from the MGB Register Committee.

Neil John and Roger relax after a day at the Classic Car show
Robin behind the wheel of his beloved MGB

Robin joined the MG Car Club in 2006. At the time, he had an MGB GT which rode high as it was a converted RB where the springs had never been changed. Robin was a lovely man and was always keen to help out at events. If you asked him to be somewhere at 6.00am he would always be early.
He helped out on the wet MGB 50 event in 2012 as well as many local AWC, MGB and Midget events. He soon joined the Midget and MGB Register committees where he usually managed to make his ideas heard.

Although he was not a mechanic, nor had much knowledge of MGBs, he decided he wanted to build one. He acquired a late roadster which he stripped down and had it professionally painted. He then rebuilt the car with help from his Midget and MGB friends; we think he must have been Moss Bristol’s best customer at the time. When completed, he loved to have the bonnet open and talk passionately about it, with his famous saying: “ It’s a full nut-and-bolt rebuild” .

Robin had not been well for about 18 months after having a small stroke which left him with a small disability making it difficult to get into the MGB, but he still managed to get to quite a few events.
Earlier this year he was admitted to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford for treatment and was allowed home to Goring where he lived since his childhood. The last month he had help from the McMillian Nurses, and also the Sue Ryder Home in Nettlebed, where he passed away peacefully in his sleep on Saturday November 2.
Our condolences go to his son Adam, his daughter Olivia and their families.
Mike Parker Midget Register, John Watson MGB Register