MGB Register News February 2018

We have a stand allocated for the MGB Register at the MG & Triumph show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, on Sunday February 11. Come and say hello, you might want to buy something from us. We will have an early MGB roadster on display, a late, chrome-bumper BGT and a late BGT on display.

At the end of March we will be unveiling the restored Jean Denton 1968 London to Sydney Marathon MGB, in which she and Tom Boyce completed the 10,000-mile event in 10 days and finished. The Practical Classics Restoration Show at the NEC will be the location, with the MGB being shown to all on Friday March 23. The show will be open for three days. We intended completing the project by the end of 2017 but a few problems have appeared, such as we have had to fit a new driver’s door and boot lid, but with support from our friends at British Motor Heritage the parts have been donated to us.

The next and major problem was that Steve at ACR was struck down with the dreaded flu. This put him out of action for nearly three weeks, so it is now full steam ahead to ensure the car is completed for the show. Let’s see as many of you as possible at the show to see this MGCC asset.

The next place to see the Marathon MGB will be at the MG Era Day at Brooklands where Clive has reserved a parking area for MGB Register members. He has reserved an area for about 60 MGBs; the date is April 8 2018. If you intend going to the MG Era day please notify Clive on or mobile 07943 306977 to reserve your place and to receive a parking pass.
Our main Register event is the Spring Run on Sunday April 15, this year starting and finishing at the Haynes International Motor Museum in Sparkford, Somerset. An entry form and full details are on the events page of the website. A cream tea and entry to the Museum are included in your entry.
Hot off the press is the news that we will be holding another MGB Register Lecture this year. The venue will be the new lecture hall at Radley College, Abingdon, on Saturday September 22 between 2.00pm and 5.00pm. The subject is the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon, this year being the 50th anniversary. It’s early days with the planning, but we have already secured the services of Paddy Hopkirk and Alec Poole who finished second in a BMC 1800 Landcrab. Our friend Graham Robson will keep the event under control. More details and a booking form is on the events page.


I bought Morris in March 2017 for £300 from College Motors; they had it stored there for a few years. It was last on the road in 2009. He’s not my first MG. I had a MG ZR as my first car and that was called Donald. I now have a ZS which is called Angus; yes, I name all my cars.

I started working on Morris as soon as I got him home, and managed to get the engine turned over with help from some friends and drove it off the trailer to my drive. No history came with Morris, but I have managed to establish that the number plate has been changed at some point in his life. I also found some MOT history about the car, and when it was last on the road. Also, he’s had 13 former keepers, but that’s all I could find out.

I started by getting the engine running correctly by putting on a thermostat and checking all the wiring. I then stripped the car down to find that it needed some welding. I decided to tackle it myself, so bought a welder and went to work. I’d never attempted welding before, but fortunately I had a friend who’s got plenty of experience. I picked it up pretty quickly and got to work on it. In the end I had to weld both sills, inner and outer, around the windscreen, floor and the rear bumper. Next I turned my attention to the interior. It needed a whole new interior, which again I’m tackling myself and Morris will now sport a deep cherry red trim. This is the first time I have ever done any work with fabric – it was an enjoyable challenge. I ended up doing the entire door cards and the dash. Next, I’ll take on the seats. I also plan to paint the car myself. It’s going to stay the original black. Again, I’ve never painted a car but I will learn as I go.

It’s an original rubber bumper car and it’s going to stay like that. As you can see, I am trying to do all the work myself and learning as I go, with help and advice from friends. This is my first classic car and won’ t be the last.

I recently had to recuperate after a back operation, which meant a month or so of not working on the car. It was hard just to sit and look out of the window at both my MGs on the drive and not be able to drive or work on them. But I’m back working on the MGB now and Morris is progressing nicely. He’s just had a new engine loom fitted with the help of Steve Illing at Abingdon Car Restorations, and I plan to have the MOT carried out at the start of February. I’m now looking at increasing the power with a stage two head and new crank. Hopefully he’ll be ready for pride of Longbridge in April.
Melissa Farrow