Jonathan’s story for 2020

Sarah, my far better half and I have made a good few trips into France and Italy over the last decade in one or another of our MG’s, but this trip was going to be a special one in many ways.

I had always been a firm lover of chrome B’s since I was a little boy because as is the story with many a member, my Dad had them when I was growing up and it was the first car we used to ‘tinker’ with together. So by the time I hit 17 there was only one car for me, a tartan red 72 roadster that I thought I had bought for a pittance but as it turned out many years later, my Dad had paid half without me knowing.

I digress, This trip was going to be special on three counts. Firstly, we had decided to buy a house over in France and we had intended to do a little house hunting from our shortlist. Secondly, early in May my Father had caught this wretched virus and sadly passed away with it leaving me very down in the dumps and in need of cheering up. Finally, I had treated myself to a very nice MGB LE and fancied a spin on the continent, roof down, sun, etc.

We had planned to be in Paris for my birthday on the 26th July and Sarah had booked a beautiful hotel for us overlooking the tower.

With it being a Sunday morning we thought it was a great chance to explore Paris when the rest of Paris were still in bed, eating croissants or doing what normal people do on a Sunday morning.

We drove around for a while taking in all the sites then moments after visiting the bastille Sarah spotted an MG dealership and said, ‘Lets get a picture of the car outside’. We duly pulled up and took a quick picture. With that the owner of the garage came running out with a couple of salesmen and started taking pictures also. He then asked if he could put the car in the showroom and photo it inside. I agreed and before we knew it the car was inside, a photo shoot broke out and Sarah and I were pushed to the back and given a coffee. The sales team and most of the customers had photos with it and it seems to have been a mega success for the owner.

We did our goodbyes and trundled off in the direction of the hotel for some lunch. By this time the traffic had started to get heavier and it was stop start for what seemed miles. We pulled up at some traffic lights only to have the clutch slave cylinder throw its hat in and leave me clutchless. Luckily we were by the hotel carpark and I was able to limp it in and park up.

As luck would have it Moss Europe have a branch in Paris so I was able to get a new slave cylinder. The carpark was quiet so I wriggled about under the car as best as a round 54 year old bloke could do and fitted it. It was at this point leaving the spare wheel and jack back at home in favour of Sarah’s excessive luggage might have been a hasty decision!!!!

With all that said we had a great trip and it was the tonic we both needed after the sad loss of my Dad.

Jonathan Wade