Some history from Trefor

KSR 12P was one of the first dozen Jubilee built, left the factory at the end of April and sold by a dealer in Scotland in November. It stayed in the Perth area until 1988 when a classic car enthusiast from Northern Ireland bought it on a whim and restored it. I have details of the owners and the receipts for the parts from the rebuild. It was in the Ulster Transport Museum for a few years then returned to the UK ending up in Sheffield.




It had an engine replacement at some point, the engine was cast in 1967. The wheels were replaced in the mid-90s as the owner at the time found an unused set that had been sent to the USA and returned, ending up in a garage in Worksop, no one knows why. It won many trophies in concourse competitions but was also used daily.

I bought it in 2001 from a guy who builds AC Cobra replicas and restores Morris Minors. I have kept it garaged and regularly serviced. It has required very little work and the paintwork is still in concourse condition.

There is an internet group with a register for the cars (and the L.E. Editions)  it is thought that there are less than half of the 750 built left.