This special run of cars is now known as the last built before MG closed in 1980, they were built on the factory lines alongside the standard MGs and technically the last MG built was destined for japan and was a white Roadster with chassis number 521996. The last of the L.Es a GT and a Roadster were given to the British Motor Heritage trust at Gaydon, the GT is currently still there on show and the Roadster is on loan to Abingdon Museum.

The L.E was a run of 1001 cars, 580 gts and 421 Roadsters of the roadsters 208 had painted wire wheels and the rest had the GKN alloy L.E wheels the same as the GTs.

The cars were painted unusually for MG in metallic paints, the Roadster being finished in bronze and the GT in pewter.

All the MG badges were changed to red, which was a nostalgic nod to the early MGs, an L.E rubber front spoiler was fitted, lower body side decals, the GT had silver and the roadster Gold. They sported the interior of the time which was the deckchair seats, orange for the Roadster and grey for the GT.

These cars were all built between August and October 1980 and sadly were stockpiled when the factory closed in October and not released for sale until January 1981. Back then in 1981 a L.E Roadster would of cost you £6108 which is £300 more than the standard, and a GT was £6756 which was £324 more than a standard GT.

These cars are getting rarer all the time, they are usually known as the last of the MGs and as such a few turn up which have been put away in storage.

You can tell a Jubilee or a Limited Edition by the chassis number, at the mgb gt jubilee &l.e owners club we have registers for these Limited Edition cars as we have the build records we have to marry them up with registration numbers so if you have, have had, know of, own any Limited Edition MG please let us know so we can check it’s on our registers…….. or