Clive’s Jubilee

This car was built on 27th May 1975 and is Jubilee number 665.
It was sold to it’s first owner on 2nd July 1975 by Lavender Hill Garage,Enfield  for £2,748.32.  Its Registration Number was then JML 929N but it was put on a private plate no. JHM 12.  When it came to me (2 years ago, it’s 3rd owner) its no. was KLM 611N.
The car had a full rebuild by the MG Owners Club at Swavesey where at the same time they fitted a new Ivor Searle engine. 
 It was on the London to Brighton Run in  2017 and I intend to take it on this year’s run which is scheduled for 25th October.
Because of Covid-19 I have not been to many places with the car but at least it will be ready when I do.