Martyn tells us about his Unique MGB


This car was purchased new by John Butler, who in 1979 won the MG Abingdon Jubilee concours with his MG TF, the concours  event was part  of a carnival  week celebrating 50 years of MG production in Abingdon.

To commemorate his win he asked Chris Peacock of MG if the works would prepare a new right hand drive MGB as a replica of the  North American Special edition in Black paint finish.

John Butler wanted a car which was built in the anniversary year and it was agreed that the works would release the car built in December 1979 for the Piccadilly Showroom, and return it to Abingdon for fitment of  North American Style Alloy Wheels, Boot Rack, side decals , front spoiler and leather seats. Also the suspension was lowered and a Motalita steering wheel fitted.

The result of this was a one off “Abingdon Jubilee Special” Roadster, which was to the specification that John Butler requested. I have correspondence  sent to the works and their replies also pictures of the car with several MG staff at the time of handover to John.

The registration number 5540 MG was bought by John Butler and applied to the car from first registration of the car.

The car was bought by John Butler through his company and as the company when the company was sold the car went to the next owner

I have owned the car since December 2011  and it has  twice  been on the J.U.L.E stand at the NEC Classic Car Show and also many other local shows.


The B Unique Story was published in the December 2019 Safety Fast. This can be viewed HERE