Safety Fast October 2019



Autumn already, and our esteemed chairman is asking me to promote our new clothing and regalia. Go to our Register website for details…just in time for Christmas, ho, ho, ho.
John’s other request is that you make a note on your kitchen calendar of the Spring Run on April 5 2020. This will start at Millett’s Farm Shop and go to Stowe, between Buckingham and Silverstone.
Pictured this month by Piers Hubbard is the most unusual MGB I have seen. It has been stretched and used as a shuttlebus at GT44, the NAMGAR meeting which is reported on elsewhere.

Roger and Nicky Boys went on an adventure to Scotland to complete the North Coast 500. The whole report is too long for this month so we’ll give you a taster of what they got up to, with the main report in the four-page spread in next month’s issue.
North Coast 500 Route in the Boneshaker Our adventure of the summer 2019 was to complete the NORTH COAST 500 route, which is to circumnavigate the top of Scotland. It was friends Ian and Sue Deverall who invited Nicky and I to join them for this trip. The plan was to join a Scenic & Continental Car Tours event, which took all the hard work out of planning the route and booking the hotels – this proved to be an excellent suggestion. We would spend a couple of extra days getting up to Scotland and also do the same on the way back.
So with all booked and paid for, cars prepared, luggage for the 12 days packed and loaded, the route to our first hotel entered into “Doris” the trusty satnav, let’s go. Don’t worry, in next month’s issue I am not going to provide chapter and verse of each day just a few of the highlights of the trip.