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Published in the June 2018 Safety Fast

So, the MOT passed with no advisories and still no guidance from the insurers on what they will want to guarantee that the vehicle is roadworthy.  My Tester thinks that an MOT certificate makes sense no matter what as it, at least, records the vehicle mileage….useful for those on restricted mileage policies.  I shan’t be at MG Live! this year. Triple booked. Who was it remarked about being so busy when you are retired that you will wonder how you found time to work! Enjoy, and make contact with your committee on the Register Stand, if you are going!!


MGB Register Spring Run 2018

Our sympathy always goes out to anyone organising an event, given that planning and venue booking takes place months prior with no idea how the day, or even the season might turn out.

Given the predictions the day started much better than forecast with grey skies but no rain. We had a good run, albeit with hood up and met our friends along the way to arrive at Haynes Motor Museum for signing on and coffee.

There was a good turnout considering 2018 had to that point not offered encouragement to the classic motorist. The venue this year was good for those based in the south, southeast and more especially the southwest peninsular, but cars attended from further afield too.

Haynes Museum is unique given the catalyst that started it many years ago and the facility has developed to provide a good experience for meetings such as ours where the large reception area and catering facilities are welcome especially in inclement weather conditions.

Unfortunately it always looked like the day was going to become wet (it didn’t disappoint us)and it was only the brave who started the almost 50 miles run departing from Haynes with their hoods down. The route book itself was a joy with the accurate Tulip diagrams (why don’t more organisers use them) directions supported with good additional descriptions for each turn.

Clearly the mileages had come from an MGB odometer as they were actually spot on to the readings in both of our cars.

The run covered a geographical area we haven’t really explored so it was good to be given a guided tour! Spring was well and truly underway with many flowers in the hedges and daffodils in the gardens and verges. We could have appreciated the views and the villages better on a sunny day, but that did not detract from a pleasant drive.

When we returned to Haynes Motor museum it was dry again and we could park outside the front while we enjoyed our cream tea. The price of the run also included entry to the museum which has so many different vehicles it appeals to everyone. The challenge is to spot how many of them you, or your family have owned in your driving career!

Simon Predazzini & Martin Overton