Safety Fast July 2019


As promised, we have a winner for the number of Easter eggs in the back of my MGB GT. There were 25 in the back out of the 580 we bought for the Lions Club of Camborne Redruth Great Easter Egg Hunt staged on Portreath Beach on Easter Sunday. The winner is James Wylie from Hertfordshire and Ellie Macbain-Williams, our Regalia organiser, is sorting him out with one of the new Register Polo shirts. Enjoy, James. Good estimate. Of course, you can get many more things into the back of a GT (I’m sure you
all have interesting examples). My previous LE made an excellent bar one year at Silverstone, with a barrel of Ringwood Bitter set up and the polyurethane bumper proving ideal as a rest for beer mugs.

Petrolicious Drivers Meeting May 12 The Marathon MGB featured in a select display as part of the ‘Collective’ within the Petrolicious event staged at Bicester. The display was of eight cars by invitation – each one submitted by a car club. This was organised by Next Step Heritage in partnership with Petrolicious.

The Marathon MGB was featured in the magazine produced for the display. There was a detailed story of its discovery and restoration, compiled by Andrew Coles. We have added the content of “Marathon in the Dust” to the website. It is well worth a read (too big an article to include in these notes). Club members and staff from Next Step Heritage were on hand to discuss the cars with visitors throughout the  day.

For the rest of the event, members and owners brought a wide range of historic vehicles which featured around the site and parked on the grass area adjacent to the airfield. There were further displays and an archive film showing within one of the hangars.