Safety Fast July 2017

Flaming June! I can see why it is so called as I look out at horizontal rain. It is so often a bit rough at the beginning of June, witness D Day 1944 Landings in Normandy being postponed for 24 hours. Hopefully, it can get all of this inclement stuff out of the way before we all go to Silverstone for MGLive!, as Silverstone and mud has proved an interesting combination in the past. However, by the time you are having your snifter and perusing this edition of Safety Fast! it will all be over. I will have lots of photos for you to look at in the August edition four-page MGB spread and, hopefully, some good comments. I had an interesting call the other day from a member wondering where he could source a new carpet set for his MGB. I suggested that he consider a visit his local carpet warehouse. I needed some bits for my car a couple of years ago and could not warrant buying the complete lot. So, I took a bit of carpet with me and asked if they could match it. Astonishingly they could, well, as near as dammit. So, I bought a runner, about four metres long, made up some paper templates and spent an afternoon on my hands and knees with a Stanley knife. The bloke at the carpet warehouse offered to bind the edges for me at reasonable cost. I feel that this is a perfectly reasonable solution. It could even be that you could acquire an end of wool carpet, Axminster or Wilton or similar, rather than having the nylon mix that everything sticks to, which is the more normal alternative used in vehicles.