David’s 67 Roadster

My MGB was built on 2nd and 3rd March 1967 as a LHD North American spec.
It was despatched on 25th May to S.U. Carburettors in Birmingham, where it was to be used in development.

Over the next nine years, it was used to develop the ‘emission-control’ systems fitted to the MGB in the North American market.

At some point, it was fitted with an 18V engine and 4-synchro gearbox.  It was also converted to RHD.
When SU had no further use for it, it was registered for road use in September 1976 and sold to one of their employees, who kept it for a further ten years.
It left SU fitted with a low-compression US-spec engine and a single HIF6 carburettor.

Being the third owner, I purchased the car in May 1986.
Shortly after I bought it, I took it on probably one of its longest trips, on holiday to the south-west of Ireland.  To date, it has only covered 41,000 miles.
After being laid up in 1999, it returned to the roads in 2018, after some recommissioning and light restoration, which included turning it upside down, in order to clean and paint the underside.

Having managed to resist the urge to over-restore it, it is being slowly ‘tidied up’.
It still retains its original rubber floor coverings, rather than carpet, and much of its original paint, as well as most of its original body panels, including sills and floors.

David O