David’s LE

David said he bought this car in 2000 as a consoling present after his wife died. According to the BMIHT it is approx No 267 of 420. According to the JULE Register it is No. 296 OF 420 so I don’t know which is the more accurate, I suspect JULE..It is also No.. 242 on their register of Jubilee and LE models.
BMIHT document shows the car was built between 3-10 October 1980 and despatched to H R Owen, London on 25 November. Reg No. issued 10 February 1981.
Nothing exceptional about it, mostly original with new air filters and Spax Shocks all round. I just start it up and away we go. I’ve done about 30,000 miles and the tach now has 103,000 + on it.
It’s just fun and is used all year round.when dry. I am also a member of Olney Classic Car Club. A varied collection of cars are owned by members including an ex Stirling Moss/Wim Percy Lighweight E Type, TRs, Mini, Corvette, Model T Ford, Healeys but mainly MGs.  ..