HGW 117C

Hi Andrew,

I can see that my Dad’s old MGB is still registered with the DVLA. Is it possible that you would be able to put me in touch with the current owner?  At the moment it’s just for fun as I have fond memories of it but latter I would like to be able to purchase the car if it ever comes on the market?

P.S. my Dad, Peter and Mum, Pamela, were active members of the MG Car Club. During my childhood and later years we had great fun attending race meetings and helping with his role as Start Line Marshal and later Chief Start Line Marshal.  The big meeting was at Silverstone where we camped for the whole event with Mum, Dad and my late sister.  We started as runners and later were allocated a start line row to ensure the 3 cars were lined up properly for the race.  I got ‘paid’ a pound by the club and my simple treat was to have Burger and Chips.

Happy Days! Malcolm

If you can help please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar