About Us

The MGB Register was formed in the late 1970’s with the prime objectives being:

  • To establish and maintain a Register of MGB’s
  • To provide technical assistance to owners wishing to restore or maintain their car
  • To provide social events to enable MGB owners to meet other owners and to enjoy using their MGB’s

These objectives have remained unchanged over the years but our methods of achieving them continue to move with the times. For example, as the Register has grown in size to over 19,500 cars it now includes a picture of many of the cars.

Need technical help? Then you can attend seminars and rebuild days, or visit our website for immediate technical advice or visit our newly launched chat forum to talk through all your needs.

Feeling sociable or looking for an excuse to take your car out and about? The Register runs social events including the Spring Run (ideal for a post-winter blast!), a Register weekend, the MGB lecture series (now in its 7th, or is it 8th, year) and special events to mark significant milestones like the 50th anniversary celebrations of the MGB.

We do like to keep in touch with our members and over the years this has been developed to include an e-Newsletter, on-line entry to many register events as well as the forum and a web site whilst maintaining the Register newsletter in Safety Fast.  Any member is welcome to send in suitable material for inclusion in Safety Fast, please contact the scribe – details in Safety Fast.