MGB GT’s: FHD 632L and LFD 7L

Member Keith owns an MGB GT V8, he is trying to trace two B GT’s that he used to own:

FDH 632L. I owned this car from July 1975 to July 1977. It was first registered as JUD 360L but wore my cherished registration number KDB 27 during my ownership. On selling I retained KDB 27 and the car was issued with FDH 632L. As you can see from the pictures I obtained a set of specially made GKN Gemini alloys. It also sported some Cibie Spots. I worked for a company that made screenwash pumps and during this time we investigated making rear screenwash kits for various cars. My car was fitted with a rear wiper from an SD1 which crucially wiped the top right of the rear screen (to see over takers) and parked horizontally. It looked much better than those kits that were fitted centrally.

The car LFD 7L I ordered new in October of 72. With some discount I think it cost £1,474. It was delivered around 12th March 1973. Typical of the time you had to specify first and second choices.  I ordered Damask, with wires and window tints. It came in second choice Teal, no wires, with a servo but with tints. The car was immediately fitted with a set of specially made GKN Gemini alloys.  Hey ho, these were the top selling times for the BGT. I only owned it for few months and sold it to get the deposit for a house and to get married.

If you can help Please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar