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Lost and Found

My name is Philippe and I’m a Belgian citizen and proud owner of an MGB GT V8 conversion.

I would like to know if it is possible to find out the details of a previous owner

I bought this car from a restoration garage in Sheffield in 2015. They did a 2-year full restoration of the car, after buying it from another car dealer.

The only information they could share with me is that the initial conversion to V8 was made in Scotland, back in 1997-98.

The car had first registration in March 1981 and no MOT since 2006.

From a document made by the owner we know that the conversion was made in 1997-98. We know that this gentleman drove the car a few years, but passed away and the car was then abandoned maybe until 2006, based on last MOT date…?

I would love to find family members of the previous owner and to get in contact with them and let them know what happened to their MGB and maybe collect some more information, pictures, from the time of the conversion.

 If your organisation has this information or can find it out, I would be more than happy to get a reply.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and greeting from Belgium, Philippe

MGB Register Lost and Found OUT834W

If you can help please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar