Dear Andrew,

My purpose of writing relates to a MGB GT that I previously owned and it may be of interest for your records to record the fate of this car.

This was an orange (blaze) MGB GT.  The Chassis / Frame No. GHD5279960G. Engine No. 18V582FH5694. It was first registered 06.04.1972. The registration no. in the UK was MTF 99K. I think I was the second owner.

I purchased the car in the Manchester area in August 1977 and then shortly afterwards (February 1978) I exported it to the island of St. Lucia in the West Indies where I was working at the time. The car travelled by sea on one of the banana boats operated by the Geest company which transported bananas from the Windward Islands to the UK and then returned to the islands carrying assorted freight. This entailed me driving the car to the docks at Barry in South Wales from where the Geest boat sailed to Castries in St. Lucia.

Obviously, the magnificent sunny climate of the Caribbean was ideally suited to always having the sun roof open. On the negative side the road surfaces in those days were not the best for high speeds in a car with relatively low ground clearance. I enjoyed the car for about five years and then, after several requests, sold it to an American based in St. Lucia before I left the island in 1984. I know that he subsequently sold the car to a business man in St. Lucia and it was used by his girlfriend. A later telephone call to a friend on the island failed to provide any further information as to the subsequent fate of the car but it is probably no longer in circulation.

I attach a photo of the car shortly before it left the UK.
Kind regards, Keith

If you can help please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar