HKR 178D

I am a member of the MGB Register with my Tartan Red 1969 BGT, which I have owned since 1987.

However, I am writing on behalf of my friend Rieks who owned a 1966 BGT in the 1980s. It was registered HKR 178D and I went with him to buy it from Maidstone, Kent.
It was tatty then, with a Teal Blue tailgate from a later model GT, and a mixture of different-coloured leather seats. But it had wire wheels with triple-eared spinners, Webasto roof and overdrive, so nothing else mattered!
He sold the car to fund a year’s adventure in Australia, and he has often wondered what became of it.
HKR recently showed on the DVLA website as being taxed for the first time in ages, so it must be back on the road.
He has many more photos and would be very happy to forward these, and to correspond with the current owner if they would be interested in finding out more about the car’s history.

Many thanks and best wishes, Chris

If you can help please contact Andrew Vigor the MGB Registrar