EEOTY – European Event of the Year 2021

19th to 23rd May

Dear MG friends

 2021 is set to be a special year as it marks the MGCP – MG Club of Portugal 40th anniversary and we´re looking forward to seeing many of you to celebrate the date with us and participate in the European Event of the Year at the Portuguese Atlantic Coast near Lisbon.

The MGCP, founded in 22.10.1981, was the first single-brand car club to emerge in Portugal. It’s a non-profit association whose purposes are to promote the prestige of the MG brand and to assist their members in the tasks related to the maintenance and preservation of their MGs. Furthermore, it organizes events known as – Concentrações – which are recreational and social meets for its members, combining cultural, sports and gastronomic aspects as a pattern.

As far as distance is concerned we are aware of our geographical location and that´s why the event will run from Wednesday, May 19th through Sunday, May 23rd. A 5-day programme is being carefully developed in order to make it cost effective, memorable and with quality.

Based on the villages of Cascais and Estoril, where there are pre-selected hotels from which you can make your own personal choice, the check-in will happen in Estoril and the farewell party in Cascais. The included visits are to Cabo da Roca, Ericeira, Mafra and Setúbal at short driving distances (105Km/170Km or 65/105 miles) and the full-day visit to Lisbon, on the 20th, will be done by bus.

The main attractions are:

Road trips along:

o   Westernmost Atlantic Coast of Continental Europe

o   Arrábida Natural Park

o   Setúbal Peninsula Wine estate

Visits to:

o   Lisbon’s National Coach Museum

o   Lisbon’s National Azulejo (tile) Museum

o   UNESCO World Heritage sites:

·        Cultural Landscape of Sintra (1995) with Roca Cape (Cabo da Roca) – “Where the land ends and the sea begins.”

·        Royal Building of Mafra (2019) – Palace, Basilica, Convent, Cerco Garden and Hunting Park.


We believe that Open Motoring Enthusiasts will have an excellent opportunity to practice it because the weather is quite pleasant in May.

For those arriving on the 18th we will have an optional visit for Wednesday morning. We are talking about going to the countryside by bus, a little further than 40Km/24 miles from Lisbon, and visit the Companhia das Lezírias, founded in 1836, that remains the biggest livestock and forestry estate in Portugal. On a total land area of approximately 18,000 hectares, the breeding of Lusitano horses is one of its main activities. But there is much more to see and taste because the barn owl (Tyto alba) ensures a special protection to the vineyards as it is essential for the ecological balance.

Booking starts: 1st July, 2020

We will return in April with more news and details. In the meantime, the MGCP kindly invites you to look at this video:


So, think about it.

Spread the news to your family, friends and club members.

Save the date and join the European Event of the Year 2021 in Cascais / Estoril.

Best MG Regards from the MGCP Board.

If you are interested please email